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Support and Maintenance

TGIS do not believe in shifting boxes or merely selling products, all our products come with support and maintenance options and we offer support to any customers. The nature of our support and maintenance is dependant on two things. Firstly the resourcesthe client has availalbe, if there is a lack of skilled staff, we can maintain and support the data, software and hardware. If the client has sufficient resources to perform these tasks themselve then will will not double that effort. Secondly the nature of the contact signed, each and every contract is unique and will have variable support and maintenance agreements.

Our standard support and maintenance includes:

  1. Software upgrades for the duration of the agreement, with 3 releases per year
  2. Data maintenance as agreed
  3. Telephonic support
  4. Quarterly visits of 1 day for data maintenance, server maintenance, usage monitoring, refresher / new function training
  5. Ad-hoc visits on request for additional training sessions

We believe that all of these items are important in ensuring effective use of the system, and municipal success in operations. Service Level agreements will be entered into to ensure all parties know what is expected of them. The level of support is related to the level of capability of the municipality, as such these will be entered into at the appropriate time



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