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IMIS is an information system, it is designed provide easy to understand data which is accurate in a easy access platform. This system is only useful if it is accurate, to have an accurate system the data that it use’s to generate the information must be accurate. This entails correct data capture as well as data maintenance and cleaning. IMIS-mobile is a software package which is installed on handheld data capture devices known as data loggers.

Data logger

These devices have converged cameras, GPS technology and data base storage capabilities in to one small portable handheld device. This provides the user the ability to capture position, data and visual reference all simultaneously.  Depending on the desired accuracy of the position there are lower cost logger options available.


Is developed to facilitate the capture entities in the field. It has PLANETGIS in a mobile version which runs on a windows mobile interface. This ability to take a GIS into the field will provide many benefits to data capture process and workers. The capturer will be able to see their position as dictated by the GPS on the GIS which will allow them to see themselves relevant to aerial photography of their location. Entities may know be captured which includes capturing any desired sub field of information, actual location and a photograph as visual evidence.

This is essential for all asset management spheres of operation as assets can be located, parts indentified and recorded, condition assessed and evidence provided.  By eliminating the use of paper in asset management operation accuracy is increased a hundred fold. IMIS-mobile will place all captured data in a database which can easily be imported to PLANETGIS to be easily graphically represented and analysed, facilitating better asset management practices. It is commonly used in RAVE (Re-evaluation and Asset Verification Exercise) projects. 

Application SPheres

  • Engineering
  • Valuation
  • Land Surveying
  • Town Planning
  • Geology
  • Municipal (building, health and other inspections or asset management applications)
  • Conservation
  • Agriculture
  • Housing
  • Environmental



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