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IMIS is a intranet based system which has endless functionality and is purchased and installed in stages, in a modular process. This system requires modern technologies to function as a server run intranet, this technology requires a large capital outlay by an entity to achieve full functionality.

Not all users require full functionality as they are specialists in their chosen field or merely require basic functionalities. IMIS–lite is the product which fills this gap in the market. It is an entry level basic search function enabled version of the IMIS system.


IMIS–lite may be purchased on single user licenses and is a desktop version of the full IMIS system with limited capabilities. Compared to other GIS packages with similar functionalities IMIS–lite is extremely well priced.

IMIS–lite was developed to be an entry level product with the goals of allowing organisations with less capital available to experience, use and benefit from GIS technology.


The IMIS-lite module consists of the following components:

  • GIS viewer: Electronically viewable maps.
  • Query function: Search for information on specific or groups of properties.

GIS Viewer

Geographical Information Systems allow maps to be viewed electronically. This includes a host of functions such as zooming, view toggles (turning aerial photography on or off ect.). Streets, pipeline and properties are easy to view and manage making IMIS-lite a very useful tool for any town and regional planner as well as to other asset or property management orientated professions. Any profession which makes use of spatial data, will find a GIS an essential tool for all projects and work.  

Query Function

Properties may be queried to view linked information. Each property has all of its information linked to it and this may be queried and viewed. Queries on and made by virtue of Property, Deeds, Financial, Street and Town Name are available. Areas, lengths and perimeters may also be calculated.


IMIS lite encompasses all the specific stand alone products TGIS created before the IMIS system was envisioned. This includes the valuation package, cemetry management, land use management as well as a variety of other proprietary versions developed for private clients. As TGIS is the developer of IMIS, we have a dedicated team of developers available to create a custom IMIS lite to meet your needs.



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