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Municipalities are required to keep track of all the properties within their area of jurisdiction for the following reasons:

  • Income is derived from these properties.
  • Services need to be rendered to these properties
  • Consumers of these services are located at these properties.
  • It is mandated by legislation.

IMIS-land is the Land Information Management module of the IMIS range of products. This module caters for the need to manage land-related information and processes.  It allows for the querying, display and manipulation of spatially referenced and related database information which is easily accessible through a easy to use Geographical Information System (GIS).


The IMIS-land module consists of the following components:

  • Land Management – the section deals with the base information regarding properties.
  • Estates – this section deals specifically with municipal owned properties.
  • Town Planning – this section manages all the processes in the movement and changes in property and all town planning applications and uses.
  • Valuation – Section which manages the valuation of properties.

Each component, allows for querying, displaying, manipulation and reporting of property information.

Land management

For a land owning or managing entity to effectively manage its land advanced knowledge of locations, services required, zonings and valuations is required.  Municipalities own and manage vast amounts of land, more often than not, the records and information on specific land parcels is hard to find in paper filing systems or missing.  IMIS-land will allow users to easily access all the information required on land parcels.  This will provide exceptional results for speeding up decision making as well as making these decisions far more effective.  The provision of services to the local population will become manageable as it can easily be broken down to indentify crucial areas and weak points in need of attention.  The use of GIS will allow users to graphically display information.  This will create understanding as trends and key areas are more easily identified and managed.


Estates are properties which the municipality owns, therefore this subsection is aimed at aiding municipalities manage their own properties.  These properties could be held for a variety of purposes such as to derive a rental income or to be used as a base for the provision of other services.  Having quick and easy access to the information on these properties will greatly enhance the capabilities of a municipality to manage its own affairs.

Town Planning

Town Planning is a subsection of the IMIS-land module which caters for the Administration and Management of Town Planning, with regard to geographical issues.  The use of the IMIS-land module will prove extremely beneficial to all parties involved with the town planning function of a municipality.  All types of applications are available for automation including Consent Usage, Consolidation, Coverage etc.

Information about these Applications can be extracted from the system in the form of reports.  IMIS-land will simplify the process of applications as it prompts for all the pertinent information and automates the process to ensure timely correspondence between all parties involved.  Town planners find this tool indispensible as it aids them on a day to day basis and provides enormous benefits.

Valuation Management

IMIS-land will aid a municipality in handling the valuations of erven within their jurisdiction.  A valuation roll can be compiled and edited.  Various reporting options are available for the municipality to derive valuable and key information when making critical decisions.  Valuations of properties can easily be accessed to aid decision makers in determining which rates and taxes should be levied.  Properties which are still requiring a valuation are listed and the process of acquiring the valuations can be managed easily with the use of IMIS-landIMIS-mobile can be used to easily capture information in the field.  This is captured electronically and instantly database ready.

Query Options

The property information is uniquely numbered using the 21 digit code of the Surveyor General.  There are various ways to query property information.  These search options are Town Name, Erf No., Farm Name, Farm Portion, Diagram No., Owner Name, Sectional Scheme Name, Demarcation and Property Unique ID.

There are a variety of ways to access the information regarding a land parcel due to the fact that when a query is placed all the information may not be known, the route to the parcel may vary but it must always end at the correct data set.


IMIS-land allows for Land Information to be viewed on a map of the area built on PlanetGIS.

When properties are selected, they will be shown on the map.  Some of the features of the map include:

  • Zoom in and out of the map depending on the amount of detail needed.
  • Click on any land parcel and the information for that property will be displayed.
  • Measure the distance between two points on the map.
  • Capture entities on the map.
  • Dockable tabs allows the user to switch(toggle) the legend on or off.
  • Switch features like aerial photography, infrastructure, topography views etc. on and off.
  • Print or Save the map area.
  • Floating objects eg. scale, north arrow, legend etc. can be inserted.
  • The status bar, which appears at the bottom of the screen, displays hints, map scale, measurements and coordinate information.

Selected Property Data

Once a property is selected, the property data will be displayed in several tabs each relevant to a certain aspect regarding the property.  This allows users to create distinctions in information uses as well as in functional areas.  Specialist users can quickly access the information they require.

  • General – General Record Information for the selected Erf, such as the Town name, Registration status, GIS area, Registered area, Financial area and the Street Address, if available.  For Farms, the Portion number and Farm name will be displayed.
  • Registrar – Display’s all the information for the property as registered at the Registrar office.  This information is divided according to the Owner detail, Property details, Endorsements, Clearance and Statistics gathered about the property.
  • Diagrams – Display’s a list of the available Diagrams or General Plans available for this property, depicting the registration image from the Surveyor General.  This will include information about the diagram eg. Type and Status.  It can also include notes/comments from TGIS employees (whom captured the information) and other users about the diagrams and the filename and location of the diagrams on the system.
  • Photos – Any photos linked to the entity (erf, asset etc.) will be displayed in this tab.
  • RDP Housing – Summary information on the application process for RDP housing, which will include information on the applicant, the position on the waiting list and any decisions regarding the application.
  • Councillor – Councilor information for each ward is easily available..
  • Town Planning – Display’s zoning, scheme regulation and application information for this property.
  • Documents – This will include any documents regarding this property including documents in the File Plan (if IMIS-doc is enabled), IMIS-land documents and any General Policies, Bylaws and Guidelines relevant to this property.
  • Complaints –  Any Complaints lodged against a property can be viewed.
  • Reports –  Several reporting options are available:
  • Deeds information – Full deed information for the selected property.
  • Land information – General property information for this property.
  • Map – Displays the property on the map with links to all information.


There are several reports available in IMIS-land.  Each of these report types are applicable to the subsections as well but the information they report will vary according to the section.  Such as Town Planning will have zoning reports and estate management will have property reports.  Reporting will aid in performance management of employees and in locating trends.

Benefits associated with the use of IMIS Land:

  • Keep track of all current pending applications and the progress thereof.
  • Workflow options to generate messages to relevant users (no more running around with stacks of files and correspondence).
  • Automatically generated letters and other documents by the push of a button.
  • Flexability: User decisions for the preferred methods to be used.
  • GIS: View all applications in map.
  • Visual decision making aid.



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