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IMIS-integrator forms the workflow platform on which all the other IMIS modules are running.  It serves as the backbone communicator for all the users to bein contact with each other and have access to information, based on the level of access they have been assigned.  IMIS-integrator can run independently from any of the other modules.  It allows users to send and receive electronic files in a very similar way as in MSOutlook or MSOutlookExpress, i.e. attaching the file and allowing the user to save this file to the hard disk of the user.


The IMIS-integrator module consists of the following components:

  • Electronic Correspondence Management (my IMIS)
  • Contacts Management
  • Venue Management

Electronic Correspondence Management (my IMIS)

This section is the heart of the IMIS-integrator.  My IMIS consists of the calendar, the inbox, and tasks. 

My IMIS Components:

  • Calendar – an electronic calendar which can be used to make notes, schedule events and set reminders related to a specific time and date.  The in and out whiteboard is also available via the calendar.  This allows users to see whom in the organisation is currently on leave.  My IMIS will forward the messages of organisational members on leave to a set alternative to ensure workflows are continuous and that all work gets completed.
  • Inbox – All tasks, messages and emails are accessed here.  Information regarding the sending and receiving is recorded, such as time, members involved and notes (if applicable).  The process flow can also be accessed to monitor and update the status of the work required.  Messages and emails can be archived to minimize inbox clutter or if IMIS Doc is installed, they can be indexed and added to the electronic document library for easy access by all members with the correct access rights.
  • Tasks – Tasks are messages which communicate a specific action needed to be performed.  This is a delegation and automation tool.  They may either be sent on an ad hoc basis or linked to a specific process from other modules which automatically sends tasks.

My IMIS provides the communications management functionalitythat allows users to trackperformance ontasks andmessages.  This ability is not restrictedto work performed in IMIS-integrator only, but is provided as a service to allother IMIS modules running on the server.

This means that a task generated in any IMIS module, for example IMIS-customer, will be displayed and managed in my IMIS, while keeping all information on task execution, required by IMIS-customer, becoming instantly available in the IMIS-customer module at the time the user records any action using my IMIS.

The person who sent the task or messageis able to see when the task or message was read, as well as any action that the recipient recorded in response to that Task or Message.  In the case of a Task, this could include accepting or declining a Task, each time the Task was forwarded to another recipient, as well as recording Task progress.  When dealing with an Internal Message, the sender can see information about each time that the Message was forwarded or replied to.

This information can be used as the basis for performance management, as a detailed record is now available on the execution of all Tasks assigned within the IMIS environment, as well as on all communication sent and received using IMIS.

Automated messaging is available using the organogram set up using the IMIS-HR module. 

Contacts Management

  • Corporate Contacts – Corporate Contacts are address book listings of individuals or company representatives that anyone in your organisation may need to look up.
  • Personal Contacts – Your Personal Contacts are address book listings of individuals or company representatives that only you need contact information for.
  • Favorite Contacts – These are contact that are marked as favorite in the contacts list.  This gives you the possibility to display only the contacts that are used most.

IMIS-integrator Contacts Management allows for the easy management and lookup of contacts.  Corporate Contacts can easily be created, updated and deleted by the person responsible for managing the contacts while the other contact types can be created and updated by the specific user.  The users can look up contacts in various ways and a tab is also available to record any communication with a specific contact which may also be linked to specific tasks.

Venue Management

Venue management is intended to ensure that all venues are used optimally and to avoid costly and inconvenient double booking errors.  The user who is appointed as the Venue Administrator will be responsible for the setting up and management of venues in IMIS.  This will include adding venues, updating venues & equipment, booking of a venue and view all bookings made.  Any user may view venue booking and apply to book a venue.


Administration deals with the IMIS setup, communication setup and access control within the IMIS system.  All other modules installed within the IMIS system will have their own administration sections.  The administration sections all have the same basic purpose in setting up the relevant module with access rights, privileges etc.



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