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Accurate Financial Management is vital in any Municipality.  The IMIS-fin module links financial information to the geographical land parcel and allows for spatial queries to be run on the financial information.

The information in the IMIS-fin module is data retrieved from the financial system. This data is extracted through an automatic process running at specified times.  The financial system information is updated to IMIS on a daily basis.  This information can then be queried for spatial reporting.

The main function of this module is to align the Municipal Financial System with the real world as defined in the IMIS-land module.  Graphically displaying financial information will aid in conceptualization of information which will provide decision makers with an edge to govern more effectively.



The IMIS-fin module consists of the following components:

  • General Information – This section displays general financial information about a selected property.  This will include general debtor information, age analysis information, consumption information, balances, valuations and indigency.
  • Query Options – This option allows the user to query properties and accounts.
  • Reports – Various Reports are available to provide financial information in a printable format.



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