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One of the core business processes of a Municipality is the handling of incoming, outgoing and internally generated documents, and controlling and tracking the flow of the tasks related to these documents.  In most cases this is mainly done manually and tasks are tracked down telephonically or by going from office to office looking for the files.  The ability to provide customer service is greatly limited by the speed at which these tasks can be tracked down and the person currently in possession of the file identified.

Outgoing and internal documents are prepared and saved on personal computers, making the user of that machine solely responsible for document security.  It also makes those documents in accessible to other users who need that information.

IMIS-doc ensures delivery of a more effective service to the public and tighter control over internal communication in order to shorten the amount of time spent on document handling.  Inter departemental communication is essential to all organizations.  It is however a huge challenge.  Using a centralized document storage/access point will effectively promote inter-departmental communication.

IMIS-doc is an extension of IMIS-integrator (to manage the workflow of the documents) which caters for the need to manage electronic and paper documents.  IMIS-doc is one of the few systems available in South Africa which is National Archives compliant which shows the module is efficient and important for all organisations. Meta-data is able to be captured in order to link a document to a variety of other entities such as tasks, processes, people, assets and land.


IMIS-doc is one of the core modules of IMIS as effective document, correspondence and records management plays a crucial role in managing any organisation.  Access to information is a key factor to achieving effectiveness in all operations.  The process and concept of IMIS-doc is as follows:


The IMIS-doc module consists of the following components:

  • Document Management – This component allows the user to create new documents, index scanned and faxed documents, review indexed documents, review vital and security classified documents and view and export reports.
  • Library – The Library section allows the user to access information using a file plan search, content search, date search and content management portal.  Search for documents using phrases, key words and a catalogue.
  • Records Management – The Record Management component deals with managing the physical File Plan of the municipality according to the guidelines set by National Archives.  This section manages the file plan, file classifications, retention and disposal and also allows the user to view reports regarding these aspects.
  • Postmaster – The role of IMIS-doc Postmaster is assigned to one user.  This user is responsible for distributing electronic copies of all paper correspondence received by the municipality, and for the scanning and uploading of all signed outgoing post.  This section allows for the distribution of post, manages outgoing and declined posts and view reports.
  • Content Management – Allows users to access pre-determined documents from the myIMIS homepage via a portal.  Rights must be given to write to and manage the portal and all users may read from the portal.  This allows organizations to shorten lead times on Important documents for example latest price lists can be placed here so users don’t need to search for price lists and then select which is the correct one from the entire archive.



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