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One of the most important functions in any business sector is to manage customer correspondence (eg. Complaints and Requests).  IMIS-customer is a spatially integrated and comprehensive tracking and management solution that offers municipal officials and councilors constant updating, management and reporting on customer complaints, compliments and queries.  It also allows tracking and management of internal complaints. 

The main functions of IMIS-customer is to improve response time with customer complaints, decrease cost for municipality and improve overall customer satisfaction.  All correspondence is linked to either a land parcel, or to a geographical point, and the process is divided into four sub-processes.

IMIS-customer Process

IMIS-customer uses the built-in process automation in IMIS-integrator to ensure that relevant parties get the information relating to customers in a timely manner. This is to ensure the fastest possible response times. It also includes elements of responsibility as managers will be able to view how the process has progressed. The process is graphically represented below:

  • Logging Correspondence – This is the first step in the process and is a two fold step.  Firstly all details must be logged and in the second step a location must be assigned to the correspondence.
  • Task – A task is generated and forwarded to the relevant department and individual and depending on the nature of the correspondence, an artisan can be tasked to execute inspections and repair actions in the field.
  • Updating Job Card – The artisan must complete a job card in the field of the actual work performed and this must be captured onto the system into an electronic job card.
  • Financial Report – The final step in completing a customer correspondence is to determine responsibility for costs incurred.  This section will inform the Financial Department to do the correct allocations.

IMIS-customer is essential for municipalities as it encompasses customer touch points.  It is crucial for effective service delivery as it decreases lead times and place the onus for service recovery onto a specific entity.  IMIS-customer is essential to the maintenance of Asset registers within IMIS-infra as asset condition is affected both during the failure and repair.  This information must be captured to maintain the integrity of the asset register.

IMIS-customer Reports

IMIS-customer has several reports available for monitoring and statistical purposes.  The reports are divided into Progress reports that will monitor and report on the progress of calls logged and Performance reports that will monitor the actual call operator.



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