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IMIS and Operation Clean Audit 2014

IMIS, an Integrated Municipal Information System, proudly developed in South Africa, to support the OPERATION CLEAN AUDIT 2014, launched 16th July 2009, by the Minister for Corporate Governance and Traditional Affairs, honourable Sicelo Shiceka.

In the Minister’s statement to Parliament on 22 September 2009, it was indicated that Clean Audit 2014 is part of a four legged Operation Clean Up which include 3 other legs, namely Clean Cities/Towns, Debt Collection, Public Mobilisation and Revenue Enhancement as well as Infrastructure Backlogs and Economic Development. The Minister mentioned that reports from Auditor General continue to report about:

  •  Poor Asset Management;
  •  Double Payments by Officials; and
  •  Stolen Goods and Assets

And that some leaders choose to do nothing about it or are unable due to lack of skills, resources or technological managerial aides.


All municipalities and provincial government departments to:

  •  achieve clean audits on their Annual Financial Statements; and
  •  maintain systems for sustainable quality financial statements and management information.


  •  Between 2010 and 2011, no municipality and provincial department will receive Adverse and Disclaimer Audit opinions;
  •  At least 60% of provincial departments and the 283 local municipalities must achieve unqualified audit opinion by 2012;
  •  By 2013, there must be an increase to 75% both in municipalities and provincial departments that achieve unqualified audits; and
  •  By 2014 100% clean audits

Burning Issues

The Auditor General report indicates that for 2006/2007 financial year, only 253 of the 283 municipalities’ audits had been finalised. Further, only 56 of the 253 municipalities received unqualified audit opinions. The Minister warned officials of municipalities and provincial departments that have no sense of accountability and responsibility, not to lose documents, especially when auditors are on site. The minister indicated that document tracking will be one of the priorities. Lost documents create a culture of disclaimers because the Auditor General cannot express an opinion. IMIS document management is crucial to achieving this priority. It was also indicated by the Minister that the ability of officials to have technical and conceptual skills was critical. Training and re-skilling will also be one of the priorities. IMIS is built upon a Land Information (GIS) base. This allows information to be graphically represented which aides users to conceptualize impacts and meaning of data. TGIS also provides training which develop these skills. It was also indicated in the Clean Audit Presentation that poor interface between financial and non-financial information is a challenge which GIS integration with financial debtor information and document tracking allows to be broken down.

Turn Around Strategy

In order to assist the municipalities to achieve clean audits as well as add value to the other three legs of the 4 legged Operation Clean Up, a fresh approach to municipal management must be taken. Being part of the 21th Century, Information Communication Technology (ICT) is at the core of all operations within a municipality, thus information drives the outcome. In order to manage effectively and efficiently, the municipality must know the following attributes of any asset, liability, income or expenditure, namely:

  •  Where is it;
  •  What is it;
  •  Who is/was involved;
  •  Why it occurred; and
  •  When did it happen.

With Clean Audit 2014 in mind, this is exactly what needs to be achieved. In order to prepare GRAP compliant financial statements, proper systems need to be in place to provide a true and fair view of the financial performance and position of an entity – all assets, liabilities, income and expenditure must be recognized and measured. Debt Collection, Revenue Enhancement as well as Infrastructure Backlogs and Economic Development can all be addressed simultaneously in the turn-around strategy with the focus on Clean Audit 2014.

Building Blocks of the Turn-Around Strategy


What does IMIS do?
IMIS addresses the heart of the problem identified by the Minister for Corporate Governance and Traditional Affairs. This is inclusive of Land Management information (GIS-based) with regards to property position, size and ownership, a foundational issue for any other information system to be based on, since a municipality earns its income from taxes based on municipal valuations and delivery of services to these various property entities. The above information is integrated with the debtors’ information as managed by the municipal financial systems to extract spatial reports on debtors and services delivered assisting in the process of revenue enhancement. IMIS also addresses document management to gain control over the paper explosion, ensuring an audit trail of communication and source documentation.

Apart from the above pivotal information systems, various other information modules are supplied as part of the total solution, e.g. IDP and Project Management, Customer Care, Task Management, Council Resolution Management, Infrastructure Management, etc.

IMIS Modules

The following list gives more information on the available IMIS modules and what roll they can play in effective municipal management.

  •  IMIS Integrator – Workflow platform, Tasks, Messages, Faxing and Email
  •  IMIS Land – Land Management, Town Planning, Estates Management and Valuation
  •  IMIS Doc – Document and Records Management
  •  IMIS Build – Building Control
  •  IMIS Infra – Infrastructure Management (Water, Sewer, Electricity, Roads and Stormwater)
  •  IMIS Customer – Customer Care
  •  IMIS Projects – IDP and Project Management
  •  IMIS Business – Agenda + Meeting Management and Contracts Management
  •  IMIS HR – Personnel + User Detail and Leave Management
  •  IMIS Social – Cemetery Management, Heritage Sites and Housing
  •  IMIS Enviro – Waste Management
  •  IMIS Stats – Statistical Information
  •  IMIS Fin – Financial System Linking

IMIS Built with passion to support municipal service delivery



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