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Business Management entails all the functions that are intended to make a business run smooth on a day to day basis.  For this to occur all functions within the business must be managed effectively and efficiently.  The IMIS-business section of IMIS entails all functions surrounding the management of a business, not covered in other specific IMIS modules.

IMIS-Business Components

IMIS-business consists of various components to help in the managing of business processes.  These are:

  • Supply Chain Management Management of the procurement process
  • Contract Management Process of managing contracts to highlight key clauses and expiration dates.
  • Meetings Management – Setting of agendas and resolutions recording for meetings.


Supply Chain Management is a subsection of the IMIS-business module which caters for the Administration and Management of Suppliers and the requests to purchase services/goods from registered and accredited suppliers. Petty Cash and the process of procuring petty cash for the purchase of goods and services by municipal employees can be managed and audited easily.


Contract Management caters for the Administration and Management of Contracts.  Various actions and or functions within a Municipality are governed by Contracts or Agreements.  Various clauses exist in these Contracts that can have a large influence on the financial status of the Municipality.    It is thus necessary to keep track of all these Contracts and the Conditions therein.  Effectively monitoring the contracts entered into will ensure that there is accountability for all shortcomings by contracted entities. The expiration of contracts often happens unnoticed and may cause service delivery problems as nobody is contracted to fulfil the obligations. Tracking expiration dates and reminders to indicate renewal activities are in order and will ensure a consistent and efficient delivery of services by the municipality.


IMIS – business: Meeting Management consists of two main processes, namely Agenda Management and Resolution Management.

Various types of Agendas can be managed by means of IMIS.  Agendas are compiled to give a formal structure to a Meeting.  These can be compiled in a participative or a non-participative manner.   

This is a process driven module, various role players will be involved and each role player will have to perform certain actions.  Various directorates or departments can request that Items be put on the Agenda.  IMIS will ensure effective communication takes place to facilitate meetings becoming more effective.



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