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IMIS-hr is an extension of IMIS Integrator catering for the need to manage the administration of employees and manage the Leave cycle process. It is a standard module as it drives the process of many other modules, the entire module is not standard as there are added functionalities that should be requested.

The main asset of a Municipality is its employees.  The IMIS-hr module was designed to assist in the process of Human Resource Management. With the effective management of employees a myriad of benefits are achieved. Efficiency, accuracy, timeliness, accountability and cost savings will all be achieved once personnel management is conducted in a fair and effective manner.


The IMIS-hr module consists of the following components:

  • Personnel Management – Deals with the management of the employees in the Municipality, capturing of employees on IMIS, setting up of  the Organogram and assigning employees to posts in the Organogram.
  • Leave Management – Deals with the entire leave cycle, from planning to approval of leave.
  • Performance Management – Generation and viewing of reports related to personnel and their IMIS usage levels.


This section consists of the following components:

  • Manage Employees – New employees are registered on the IMIS system as IMIS users.  Any subsequent changes to the employee status can now be managed on the system.  This allows management to hold complete records of employee information.
  • Organogram Setup – The Organogram determines the organisational and reporting structures in the Municipality.  It is also an essential part of the IMIS systems process, as the system uses the Organogram to determine the path of automated correspondence.
  • Post Declaration– This section deals with linking employees set up in the IMIS system to posts defined in the Organogram. This ensures that all task and message are sent to the correct employee.


This is an extra section that should be requested and deals with the whole leave cycle, including planning, request, approval/rejection, cancellation and reports. Managing the leave cycle will allow managers to control supply and demand for employees and other HR resources. This is beneficial as it will ensure that there is always sufficient staff to keep the municipality functioning.  Users can set a replacement for themselves to handle critical tasks when going on leave, using the in/out whiteboard function. This ensures no backlogs.


This section displays a set of reports relating to IMIS-Usage statistics.  Reports are subdivided and reports are available for General Usage, Workload, Messaging, General Tasks and Workflow Tasks.



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