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TGIS are the developers of the Integrated Municipal Information System (IMIS).

Since its creation, IMIS has been the leading integrated solution for Municipalities. It is founded upon four technologies, namely a Geographic Information System (GIS), Document Management, Process Automation and Web technologies.

The goal of IMIS is to enable governmental organisations to function effectively and increase the quality and standards of governance. Many entities have legacy systems and new systems which operate in a specific function and role, which magnifies the silo effect. IMIS is one system which is able to manage and entity from planning through implementation to reporting. Using an integrated system which allows for specialist users as well as general task workers empowers an organisation as it does not need 10 - 15 smaller unique software suites which cause headaches when attempting to integrate them.

IMIS has an open spatial data interface which means it is able to run on most GIS suites (all that utilise shapefiles and have open data capability). This enables it to be implemented without having to leave legacy systems which already a have significant investment in them.

IMIS is a modular system which is deployed in phases allowing for mission critical needs to be met first and a progression towards a total solution. The delivered utility of a system is only as good as its base data it contains, the old adage of "Junk in Junk out" is applicable. Thus a phased implementation is necessary as it takes time to generate quality, reliable and accurate data.

TGIS have implemented IMIS at over 45 entities in the SADC region to date, with a ever increasing client list and high demand for a quality integrated solution, this number is growing rapidly.



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