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TGIS leads 3D Mobile Mapping in South Africa

TGIS again leads innovation by the purchase in October, of TOPCON’S IPS2 Mobile Mapping system. After a lengthy US Military clearance process the unit was finally installed on the 22nd of March. The period in between was filled with vehicle customisation, presentation of the equipment at IMESA in October, training, and the first successful pilot project runs in November on the demo equipment.

The system enables rapid acquisition of reliable infrastructure information in support of improved service delivery. The IPS2 captures 360 degree digital photographic images so that we can see everything such as potholes, water meters, house inventory and land use. Laser Scanners create an integrated 3D point cloud (XYZ) at 45 000 points per second, which enables us to accurately position and measure features in the image. The Lasers acquire location from the linked inertial navigation, and GPS /GLONASS satellite survey systems.

The integration of the infrastructure information into IMIS, SA’s leading Municipal Management System, coupled with the rapid acquisition of the data is what will revolutionise infrastructure management in Africa. TGIS has taken the management of infrastructure way beyond data gathering, into asset register creation and life-cycle maintenance management.

Planning & Construction

Effective and efficient Service Delivery is reliant on well planned Physical Services Infrastructure that serves the needs of target communities. Community information such as Land Ownership, Location of Dwellings, Population Census, Town Planning, Existing Infrastructure capacity and condition are all vital inputs in the planning process that must link into, and form part of the IDP.

Maintenance of Assets

The huge investments in infrastructure can only be protected by effectively monitoring and managing the maintenance of the infrastructure. This demands annual review to assess condition changes, which is also required by legislation for the financial component of the asset register.

Challenges Addressed

Most Municipalities have no reliable, comprehensive inventory of services infrastructure at a component level, much less a recent condition assessment and valuation. They generally also lack an effectively Integrated Municipal Information System (IMIS) that makes sure that maintained data is accessible, and that processes are executed correctly

Rapid Data Acquisition & Multi-Faceted Information Creation

The IPS-2 allows data acquisition in one tenth of the time required by manual methods, with a resultant massive reduction in costs. The 360 degree imagery ensures that all visible infrastructure can be captured in the office, without having to put five or six differently skilled individuals in the field, resulting in a huge reduction in costs.

Useful Information is generated when the infrastructure location, inventory and condition are then captured by our GIS specialists, and reviewed by an appropriately qualified individual (Engineer, Valuer, Town Planner) in each domain, such as Roads and Storm water, Water and Sewer, Electricity, Land Use, and Valuation.


The IMIS system form TGIS combines all the described inputs in a process driven, task managed, spatially enabled, document and finances linked, intranet environment that makes absolute control of the organisations resources possible. Together with easy Access to all relevant information this makes effective infrastructure management a reality.

There is also an IMIS Mobile Data Logger Solution available that augments the IPS2 delivery where manual data capture is required, such as inside manholes, chambers and buildings.

Skills Scarcity and Cost Effectiveness

The system takes the real world and packages in an easily accessed form, which is then made available to the specialist engineer for assessment and review. This enables us to use our most scarce skills efficiently, reducing the overall costs.

The specialists need never make an expensive revisit to the field to check on doubtful information, because it’s all there, at their fingertips.

The all inclusive 360 degree photographic images make it possible to phase the capture of the various asset groups to contain short term costs. When additional features are added in subsequent phases, this is done without having to revisit the field, reducing overall project costs.

Skills Availability

TGIS works with a network of strategic partners that gives clients access to the required multidisciplinary skills necessary to ensure that service delivery failures become a thing of the past.

Johann Engelbrecht, the Director of Research and Development said, “Combining the IPS2 data capabilities with our skills network will revolutionise the way municipalities manage their infrastructure, hugely reducing time and costs, and will help ensure every South African has access to reliable services”

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