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Process Automation

Automation is the use of control systems and information technologies reducing the need for human intervention. This will allow the user to experience many benefits such as reduced time spans to complete similar amounts of work as well as potentially improving quality via eliminating errors.

IMIS automates certain process which occur regularly or are likely to reoccur. This involves firstly understanding the process and the way in which it interacts with other parts of the organisation. In municipalities most process are paper driven, meaning that for instance if a citizen is applying for a new zoning, they must complete a form, this form is then submitted and circulated within the municipality to all role players. This form could be lost, damaged and mistakes can easily be made by any party. By automating a process, once the form is submitted or directly captured by the applicant, the electronic document will be automatically forwarded to all relevant parties and is 100% traceable. This tracking ability will help identify process inefficiencies as well as organisational weak points which can be built upon to achieve better efficiency and hence achieve and unlock many benefits.

One of the most useful tools is the document template automation where the organisation designs its document templates once and IMIS will automatically furnish the relevant information into the desired format. This provides many benefits such as consistency, certificates are generated effortlessly and can be reprinted as necessary, time efficiencies and anti-counterfeit measures are also realised.



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