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Document/Records Management

Records management is a process of ensuring proper creation, maintenance, use and disposal of records to achieve efficient, transparent and accountable governance. This entails never destroying, disposing of or transferring any public document without approval by the National Archivist. Records are documentary proof of actions taken, such a plans, documents, invoices and certificates. It is essential to maintain all records to satisfy the National Archive legislation as well as the Auditor General whom can not audit if there are no records.

Document Management is the process where documents are managed within the organisation. This is far more lucid and liquid as documents are continuously flowing through any organisation. Document management includes actions such as proper versioning of documents to ensure the most recent and correct document is in circulation as well as tracking documents as they flow through the organisation and keeping records of all users and the alterations they make.

IMIS is fully compliant with all National Archives best practices and legislation. The use of IMIS has been approved by them. In IMIS all records are stored in the file plan and documents are managed through the communication hub and also stored into the file plan. This ensures quick reliable access to any document when and as needed. The value of access to information cannot be stressed enough, it is a key driver to effective governance.



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