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IMIS Summary



The Integrated Municipal Information System (IMIS): Effectively integrates GIS, Process Automation & Workflow, Document Management, Web technologies (intranet system), and Financial Systems linking into one easy to use interface. IMIS manages all functional areas and technical arena’s of a municipality or public entity running off a land administration base.

Benefits of Use

  • Manage all aspects of a municipality in one system
  • Easy access to the right information
  • Full audit trail
  • Full access control
  • Caters for specialist users, not a generic ERP
  • Fully integrated already, therefore low cost in out approach. No new developments to occur
  • Customisable deployment/phased approach
  • Can shift capital costs into operational costs
  • Easy access to management reports
  • Easy to use
  • Actively manage data
  • Process automation allows low skilled user to be guided through process to ensure accuracy
  • Communication barriers broken down
  • After revenue enhancement projects, amortisation may occur, IMIS is self funding!


Land Management: All data that is spatially representable is done so in IMIS, done on a GIS platform which graphically represents geographic data. Documents can be linked to land entities. Full application processes for all land management fields, ie town planning, building plans, fixed assets and links and displays other data types such as financial information.

Process Automation (Workflow): IMIS has fully customisable workflow management capabilities allowing each and every client to utilise the system in their currently employed processes. Our expert management consultants will aid to analyse business processes and help to re-engineer them to deliver maximum performance.

Document Management: IMIS Doc, is a fully National Archives compliant document and records management system. Every organisation needs to manage and control the flow of communications and documents which form the evidence base for all decisions and actions taken.  

Web (Intranet & Internet): IMIS is a management information system which will form the intranet for the municipality. One easy to use platform can be used to navigate through a plethora of functions and specialist areas.

Communications Hub: IMIS integrator, will form the backbone for communications, it has a an electronic diary, tasks, email, internal messages, document portal access. All communication go via IMIS to ensure records are kept of all communications, this means organisational knowledge is retained as records are available.

Integration: IMIS is the most comprehensively integrated management system available for municipalities. It was built with integration in mind and is the main driving factor for future developments. Comprehensive integration eliminates silo effects and ensures transparency & linkages in data between specialist area, allow accurate decision making while reducing redundancy and duplication. 

Management reporting: Wide range of management report available. Allows managers to accurately assess, the performance of employees based on usage rates, time booking, response times, successfully completion of tasks and full audit trail on all actions performed.

Architecture: GIS: Planet GIS and ESRI Products. Databases: Oracle, My SQL, SQL lite, Access

Unique Applications

  • IMIS Integrator – Workflow platform, Tasks, Messages, Faxing and Email
  • IMIS Land – GIS, Land Management, Town Planning, Estates Management and Valuation
  • IMIS Doc – Document and Records Management
  • IMIS Fin – Financial System Linking
  • IMIS Build – Building Control
  • IMIS Infra – Infrastructure Management (Water, Sewer, Electricity, Roads and Stormwater)
  • IMIS Customer – Customer Care
  • IMIS Projects – IDP and Project Management
  • IMIS Business – Agenda + Meeting Management and Contracts Management
  • IMIS HR – Personnel + User Detail and Leave Management, Access Control, Organogram
  • IMIS Social – Cemetery Management, Heritage Sites and Housing
  • IMIS Enviro – Waste Management
  • IMIS Stats – Statistical Information

Ease of Use

There is no other system that covers this spectrum of speciality areas. Integrating stand alone systems, will be far more costly as they were developed to manage only their specific area. Although there is immense depth and breadth catered for in the system (every specialist area in a municipality is serviced) users need only learn their specific modules that apply directly to their day to day activities. IMIS has one interface which is user friendly and easy to learn as it is entirely intuitive. Once the user is familiar with this, it eliminates the need for multiple training sessions on various software suites and simplifies use. Allows for Easy view users, General day to day users, Specialist users, Management users and Administration users. 

Data Management

Having correct cadastral data is achieved via a combination of souring information from the Department of Rural Development & Land Reform (Surveyor General, National Geo-spatial Information and Registrar of Deeds) and data capture exercises. A once of project to compile and correct the discrepancies is completed this data is now maintained though working on IMIS as all data is automatically updated in the system. Cadastral data is extremely dynamic, land changes ownership and is divided up constantly.

This base data is the key to an effective municipality as all processes run off the land base, revenue is generated off land parcels and services are delivered to land parcels.  IMIS eliminates the need for large scale cadastral data projects on a regular basis as it manages and maintains the data as it is worked with. Links financial data to land data, providing visual representation of financial data (e.g. age analysis of payments on each identified erven), this allows for additional insights into data.        

Customised Deployment

System & Management Consulting: User requirement analysis, Resource analysis, Business process mapping, deployment of necessary resources, change management process and training

Modular Deployment: IMIS is modular and deployed in phases, addressing the most urgent issues first. When implemented, it is able to amortise its self via revenue enhancement options. Correct linking of cadastre to billing system. Allows correct application of rates and taxes and identifies additional consumers.

Once off Developments: TGIS is able to deliver once off customisation and alterations as requested by clients to ensure full satisfaction with the product.

Developed by

IMIS is developed by TGIS whom house land surveyors, survey technicians, town planners, database engineers, management consultants, cartographers and professional GIS practitioners. This gives TGIS insights into spatial data which are unrivalled in our market place. The land management experts are only half the story, they combine seamlessly with TGIS’s systems development and integration team to create. IMIS is leading land and municipal management system in the SADC region.



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